Had a good but wet weekend selling images at Whittington Castle – multi period event.   The Castle has witnessed over 2000 years of history and for our Multi Period event, visitors will be able to time travel through history.   From a medieval encampment to a to The Cheshire HomeGuard of World WarII.

link to my images

The House of the Blackstar – 1240-1350 Medieval living history

Britannia XIV Medieval Re-enactment – years 1296 to 1348.

Samhain Welsh Medieval Society – Early 14th century

Cheshire Home Guard – WWI – WWII

Birmingham Pals – World War 1

Napoleonic Riflemen Event

A very short video of a small number of images taken at the Napoleonic Riflemen Event, Whittington Castle Oswestry, 28-29th March 2015.

There are lots more images from the weekend. Click here to see more images

Many thanks to all involved from – 5/60th Rifles, Coldstream Guards, 23rd RWF, Black Brunkswickers, 6th Foot (1st Warwickshire), 4th Kings Own Foot.

If your an organiser for any of these groups and would like to use a small selection of images on your website/facebook page then please contact me.

Music: O’er the Hills and Far Away – 17C English Trad. Folk Tune – Arr. John Tams